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FaithFit FAQs

Do I have to be in shape first?

No, if you want to be good at golf you don’t practice at tennis first.  The only thing that gets you in shape for FaithFit is FaithFit. We have scales for every WOD and every movement. So everyone can get the same benefit from the same workout based on your skill level.

Is there an age limit for a FaithFit class?

Our FaithFit classes are designed for 16 and older. If younger than 16 we offer a ST Kids class Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm.

What are your membership prices?

Please reach out to us for pricing information.  Please let us know if you’re a college student, first responder, Military active and or retired, or a preacher. We also offer couples and family pricing.

I’m from out of town, Can I Drop-in?

Yes, you can drop in we do a $15 Drop-in fee and a 3-class pack for $30. If you’ll need more than 3 classes please reach out to us for pricing.

What do I need to do before I Drop-in?

If during a holiday please reach out to use to confirm we are open. If just a normal day nothing is required.  Just let the coach know you are there for a drop in and they will collect your payment.


What if my kid isn’t very active?

The coach will encourage all the kids but won’t push them past their limits. So your child can do what they can and take additional breaks as needed.

How much does a class cost?

$5 a class per child

Can I watch my child workout?

We do allow parents or guardians to watch as long as they aren’t interrupting the class.

Can I workout while my kid is working out?

If you are a member yes.  We run a FaithFit class at the same time as the ST Kids so parents are able to workout too.

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