Inspiring Greatness One Rep at a Time!

Greg Brewster

Greg is the owner at Strong Tower Fitness he was first introduced to the functional fitness style of workouts in 2015. Before that, he was a college athlete and an avid traditional lifter. Once he was out of sports he found it difficult to stay motivated by a routine lifting regiment. He started Strong Tower Fitness in 2016 to bring functional fitness and a positive family environment to the Parkersburg area. He enjoys helping others reach their strength and nutrition goals and providing a service that goes beyond working out. He believes that the members and coaches at Strong Tower Fitness drive an addicting atmosphere that radiates positivity, motivation, and constant self-improvement. The culture here is truly changing lives one rep at a time.

Sonny Zickefoose

He started functional fitness training back in 2012. After spending the majority of his fitness life in a weight room training the every day “glamour” muscles, he started to become less motivated and all around bored with his everyday workout routine. Once he started functional fitness he immediately fell in love with every aspect of it. He started to regain excitement for working out, and going to the gym. Since he has started he has competed at various competitions such as the CrossFit Regionals, Wodapalooza, and local state wide competitions. He is a certified CrossFit level 1 trainer, and carries a passion for helping others reach their fitness goals through functional fitness. Strong Tower Fitness has given him the platform to be able to help others with their fitness goals, while being surrounded by other coaches and members who create a supportive environment for everyone.

Will Smith

Will Started doing Function Fitness here at STF in 2017 before that he was a runner, he had played many different sports but enjoyed baseball and wrestling the most. He struggled to find something that gave him the competitive feeling he had in sports until finding STF. He describes the classes as a perfect cross between cardio and lifting weights. He views STF as more than a gym but a big family with an addictive atmosphere. He enjoys seeing members getting stronger and improving. He is excited to see what the future holds looks forward to helping new and current members alike.

Tim Cinnamon

Coach Tim before finding STF, bounced from gym to gym in search of a Fit Family.  Best Friend and fellow Coach Adam Myers invited him to come try STF and Tim knew he had found a culture he was missing. STF has provided the community and structure missing from his fitness journey.  STF also provided a safe fun place for his children to work out as well. As a devoted husband and doting father, Tim understands the challenges of time, energy, and busyness that can rise against your fitness plan.  Tim enjoys connecting with the members and encouraging others through workouts.  It is his goal to get you moving, keep you moving, and connect you to Fit Family at STF.

Mike Henderson

Mike has been at STF since 2017. He’s originally from California. He served in the armed forces (marines). Since leaving the military he searched for a place that gave him a sense of belonging. Before he found functional fitness he did traditional lifting and a lot of running. In 2013 he found functional fitness. After trying a few different gyms he found STF and he knew it was different, he knew he had found where he belonged. Mike enjoys coaching, cheering others on and helping them reach their fitness goals!

Adam Myers

Adam began his functional fitness journey in October of 2019. He was a cross country runner in high school and stayed pretty active in his early twenties. 10 years later a desk job and an inactive lifestyle left him feeling frustrated with his health. He tried the “club” membership path but spent years paying for a membership he never used. One day a friend talked about functional fitness and the incredible community at Strong Tower. Adam who is a natural night owl tried the 5:30am class and never looked back. 3 years later he feels like he is in the best shape of his life and has met friends who have become family! Adam became a coach 2020 because he loves to see people change. Adam believes that any day could be your last day to make excuses and change your life. So why not today!